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Sexual Racism and MCSM

Building on my previous work with men of color who have sex with men (see here and here, dissertation currently under review), I am interested in studying how we can mitigate the harmful effects of racialized standards of beauty and create relationships built on intimate connections as opposed to forces of social power and privilege.


ACT for Racial Stress and Trauma

This study is focused on investigating how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can help increase valued living (as defined by the individual/group) in the face of institutional and structural racism. The protocol aims to create both individual and societal change.

ACT for OUD and CP

I am part of a large R01 grant investigating group ACT treatment for folks suffering from substance use difficulties and chronic pain.

Mindfulness for People of Color

Mindfulness, while such a buzz word, has mostly been studied in research with middle-class, white populations. This project is aimed at adapting mindfulness to be more accessible for people of color, particularly Black and Indigenous people, with anti-oppression as the cornerstone.

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